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Food-inspired health and beauty treatments at Liostasi Ios Hotel & Spa

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An interview with Victoria Nikolaidou, Spa Manager of Liostasi Ios Hotel & Spa

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Q: Having read about the signature treatments offered at Liostasi Spa, I noticed that some are food-based. How did you come up with using food such as honey, yogurt and fruit in your spa treatments?

A: The natural ingredients we use in our signature treatments such as honey, yogurt and fresh fruits are not just delicious and refreshing in summer. They also boost our body’s energy by providing vitamins, proteins, amino acids and water. The result?  The perfect hydration of our inner body and our skin.It’s very important to supply the body with these ingredients before, after, and during our holidays, especially asdffter spending long hours in the sun. We have created a series of treatments at Liostasi Spa based on these products because we shouldn’t forget that the skin is the largest organ of the human body and we should provide it the best possible care!

Q: What kind of experiences should a guest expect at Liostasi Spa

 A: Guests can choose among a variety of body and facial treatments tailored to the individual needs and requirements of each guest’s skin.Couple treatments are also provided. Our outdoor space offers total relaxation, as well, enabling guests to enjoy the magnificent views from the outdoor Jacuzzi and our steam bath.  drz-4458

Q: Any Greek lifestyle tips for better health and looks to share with our readers?

A: A balanced diet along with physical exercise keeps us fit and protects us from many diseases. drz-4196

We can improve our health naturally and without drugs and substances by simply following the teaching of Hippocrates, the Greek father of medicine, who stated that “my food is my medicine.”The Greek Mediterranean diet has gained worldwide reputation as offering health and longevity.The olive oil in recent years is considered the gold of anti-aging food and beauty. Don’t hesitate to apply it to your hair, face and body two to three times a week. The result will surprise you!

And one final tip: Laugh! We Greeks know very well that laughter heals the soul and body and protects our heart, as well. So we do it all the time, also for our heart’s sake.